Weight gain after quitting smoking – Can this be prevented?

Smoking Cessation

Certainly can! Once you understand the science, you have the ability to reduce significant weight gain and stop smoking permanently!

Why people gain weight from quitting smoking:

Cigarettes contain compounds that are highly dangerous to our health. One which has been deemed illegal and only available with a prescription, is an ingredient shown to increase the speed of one’s metabolism. When a smoker decides to quit, the consequence is that in turn their metabolism starts to slow back down leading to weight gain.

How to quit smoking without gaining weight

Healthy Diet
Keep Hydrated

Healthy Diet and Snack Options
To prevent significant weight gain after you quit smoking, ensure you have a fridge full of healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, celery sticks and fruit. Avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Remember that when you do quit smoking, your senses will be in overdrive. This means the smell of the neighbours bbq or traveling past your favourite fast food restaurant will create incredible cravings and may lead to overindulging in the wrong types of foods. Essentially you won’t be able to eat as much as you had prior, because your metabolism has slowed down. Keep this in mind.

Schedule exercise into your routine
Exercise may be a new routine you need to schedule for. Typically smokers are not so active exercising as they have been consuming tar and poisons, thus take your time adding this to your regime. Exercise has the ability to uplift your mood and relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Water Consumption
Hydration is important for smokers attempting to quit and dehydration typically leads to a craving for cigarettes. Water helps boost the metabolism, thus keep a bottle with you throughout the day. Opt for consuming water that is alkaline and derived from a reputable source. Spring water that is obtained directly from the mountain source, preferably stored in glass storage bottles will be better suited for hydrating you during your quitting phase and in all truth during each day of your life. Much of the necessary minerals that come naturally in water are lost during the process of bottling and storing water for sale.

Combining all of the following tips and the craving to eat unnecessarily will be reduced. Any questions, feel free to ask. We are here to help.