The use of tobacco is one of the largest public health threats in the world.

  • The world has more than 1 billion users
  • The use of tobacco products is increasing globally, yet in high-income countries, it’s decreasing
  • Half the world is subjected to breathing air polluted by tobacco smoke.
  • The epidemic kills 5.4 million people a year, or one person every six seconds – one in 10 adult deaths worldwide.
  • 100 million deaths were caused by tobacco in the 20th century and there will be up to one billion deaths in the 21st century and
    tobacco-related deaths will increase to more than eight million a year by 2030

Key Tobacco Facts:

Each year, smoking kills an estimated 15,000 Australians1 and costs Australia $31.5 billion2 in social (including health) and economic costs.

Tobacco Sales:

Recent figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that total consumption of tobacco and cigarettes in the March quarter 2014 is the lowest ever recorded, as measured by estimated expenditure on tobacco products:

  • September 1959 $5.135 billion
  • December 2012 $3.508 billion
  • March 2014 $3.405 billion