Facts About Smoking

– Smoking Diseases and Conditions –

Smoking Diseases

Cancer and a number of other smoking diseases caused by cigarette consumption.

Smoking cigarettes causes an addiction. It also exposes the individual, their surrounds and those in close proximity to a host of toxic chemicals known to harm and ultimately kill. What was inferred to be healthy and popular amongst the greater populous decades earlier, has now been revealed the # 1 cause for preventable disease.

Smoking causes Cancer, and not just Lung Cancer

Of these smoking diseases – our grandest and most misunderstood. Cancer. Unfortunately the constituents contained within a cigarette not to mention the result of burning these chemicals (combustion) has a major impact on those currently addicted. The likelihood for smokers to develop cancer is extremely high.

Smoking Related Cancers:

  • Lung Cancer – Smoking is responsible for 80 to 90% of lung cancers.
  • Bladder Cancer – Smoking is responsible for bladder cancer in 50% of men as well as 30% for women. The risk of developing bladder cancer is increased 5x in smokers.
  • Pancreatic Cancer – Smoking is arguably the cause of 30% pancreatic cancers
  • Mouth, throat, tongue, nasal and sinus cancer – The use of tobacco is considered responsible for 85% of these cancers.
  • Esophageal Cancer – Smoking cigarettes doubles the risk of developing this kind of cancer
  • Kidney Cancer – Smoking has been associated and considered responsible for 20% of Kidney Cancers
  • Stomach Cancer – Smoking doubles the risk of developing stomach cancer when compared to that of a non smoker
  • Colon Cancer – Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of an individual developing colon cancer. Responsible for 12% of those that are fatal.Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) – There is an increased risk due to smoking and it is correlated with 25% of cases
  • Ovarian Cancer –Studies have indicated that women who have smoked cigarettes for 25 years were twice as likely to develop Ovarian cancer than that of a non-smoking woman.