Smokers Lungs

Dangers of Smoking

Smokers Lungs – The Gruesome Reality

It is a gruesome reality, one that smokers shy away from Smokers lungs show the destruction of cigarette smokingaccepting. It is FACT however that there are now over 7,000 chemicals discovered in cigarette smoke. These chemicals are directly inhaled into the body and redistributed for carnage over approximately 10, 20, 30 years… Is it any wonder the vehicle we use to breathe – becomes destroyed beyond belief.

Smokers lungs over time lose their ability to function. Smokers become winded easily and oftentimes need to carry an inhaler to support them through life. Smokers lungs struggle with exercising aerobically, for it can oftentimes create coughing fits. Ultimately the lack of exercise makes matters worse in the long run though and should be remedied.

Let’s look at the lungs and their function. How does one go about repairing smokers lungs after committing to the habit for so many years? How long does this regeneration of the lungs take to achieve? The first step as you know is to quit smoking.


The sacks of tissue that are located below the rib cage are our lungs. They are very important to our respiratory system alongside having a duty in waste management for the body. The lungs are not even in size. The right side is wider than the left and it is also shorter in length. This makes room for the liver, which is located right underneath the right lung.

As adults we typically take 15-20 breaths in a minute. This works out to be approximately 20,000 breaths a day. When the lungs expand, they pull air into the body. When the lungs compress, they expel carbon dioxide, a waste gas that our bodies produce.

As oxygen is entering the bloodstream, carbon dioxide passes from the blood into the alveoli. It then journeys out of the body as a gas exchange. Shallow breathing means that the carbon dioxide accumulates inside the body. This causes yawning.

Cilia is the lungs buffer for protection. The cilia wave back and forth and spread mucus into the throat so that it is expelled. Mucus has the job of cleaning out the lungs. It rids them of dust, germs and other unwanted items that end up in the lungs.

When air sacs are damaged by a smoking habit, the lungs and heart are forced to work very hard in order to take in oxygen. This causes shortness of breath. In order to help your smokers lungs heal, alongside increase their capacity, you will have to make a conscious effort every day to assure they repair as best as they can.

How to go about healing smokers lungs once you quit smoking?


By taking an interest in cardiovascular exercise, though it will be difficult at first, your lungs have a chance to repair. This is possible because exercise increases the bodies demand for oxygen. In response the lungs expand to take in more air. Over time this improves lung capacity. Take it easy and do not attempt a new exercise regime without first speaking to your doctor.

An apple a day …

A British study of 2,500 men that was published in the journal “Thorax,” proved an increase in lung capacity for the men who ate 5 apples a week versus those that did not. It was theorized that apples may reduce the risk of lung cancer as well as improving resistance to infections in the respiratory system.

Increasing lung capacity after smoking will take time and it is advised to speak with your doctor before starting any exercise program., particularly if you have been a long term smoker.


Swimming uses more muscles than one might expect and requires a greater lung capacity than most other cardiovascular exercise. It has been discovered that the lung capacity of swimmers is 3x that of the average person, when they are in their peak condition. Laps are highly recommended for lung repair.

Strictly Alkaline

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment., therefore if you consciously make changes in your diet to make it an alkaline environment – your chances at fighting off diseases like lung cancer., are far greater.

The best way to avoid developing smokers lungs is to quit smoking cigarettes.

Nothing else really matters…. If you don’t have your health,.. then you have nothing much at all.