FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription E liquid Use and Storage

Where am I supposed to store my e-liquid bottles?
The rule of thumb is storage of prescription e-liquid should be confined to a dark, cool area – preferably within a box located in a safe area, away from children and pets. Kids are very curious and have the potential to climb anything to reach the object of their desire. (Fueled often by the interest shown by their parental figures). When you are planning on being out for the day, even if you are leaving your youngsters at home in the supervision of responsible carers., it is best that they never are made aware of your eliquid storage area. Also when you are carrying liquid on your person, a carry case will both protect your device from breakage alongside prevent unnecessary danger caused by spillage or tampering.
If I want to bring my prescription e-liquid with me - how am I best to travel?
The nicopharm liquid has childproof bottles that make it difficult for little ones to access. Nevertheless you must never leave any of your device components or e liquid in close proximity of your children. Regardless of where and what you are doing, be sure you keep your e liquid in a secured area that cannot be accessed by children of any age. Travelling with it is legal and your bottle will have a prescription label on it just like any other prescription medication.
How am I supposed to handle the e-liquid?
Prescription e-liquid is poisonous and you must take the utmost precaution when handling it. We suggest that you wear latex gloves and use a syringe to fill your tanks. Assure that when /if you have a spill you abruptly wipe the area so that no residue remains and discard the cloth used or paper towel directly in the rubbish. Remembering pets and children can be exposed to the residue and this could pose a health threat. Prescription e-liquid can be absorbed rather rapidly through the skin and could cause poisoning if a person has been exposed to high enough levels.
What do I do if prescription e-liquid gets in contact with skin?
Immediately wash your hands, making sure that any and all parts of the skin that has made contact is free from its residue and towels taken straight to the wash to do in a separate cycle.
Are there any age requirements to using prescription liquid?
18 years and over
Will I receive a copy of my prescription?
Once the doctor issues your prescription, the pharmacy will store a hard copy on file.
What is steeping?
Steeping is a term that means waiting to allow your e liquid to settle into its flavor. There are no instructions other than waiting and keeping the liquid in a cool dark storage area. Typically if you do not detect enough flavouring in your e liquid it may need some time. Come back to it in a week and see whether the flavor has developed to your liking.
What is the difference between offshore e-liquid and Nicopharm products?

There are no guarantees to the quality you may receive purchasing prescription liquid from offshore providers. There is a serious lack of regulation surrounding the production overseas. More on e-cigarette safety and standards

Are you able to accept returns on prescription liquid?

Taste is a very subjective sense and differs per each person, therefore what we advise is for you to invest in a variety of flavours contained in smaller bottles. Once you have identified the type of flavor you like – you can then order bigger bottles to keep you supplied over a longer timeframe.

How long does e-liquid last?

Frequent vaping will have you going through your eliquid supply pretty quickly. Typically a 10ml bottle should last a week. High purity prescription liquid has an expected shelf life of approximately 12 months – so long as it is stored correctly.

Vaping and Vaporizing FAQ
Do I inhale the same way I do with a cigarette?

There is a technique that is used, that is not exactly the same as one would use when they draw in from a cigarette. How to vape correctly is an important part of its use and can determine whether or not you have success quitting cigarettes. Don’t give up and go back to cigarettes cause you didn’t take the time to learn it properly. Things take work in life and its about time you did this for yourself instead of doing your entire body injustice with each puff of a cigarette. 7000 chemicals are emitted from cigarette smoking. Proven without a shadow of a doubt to cause illness, disease and death. On the other hand – learn the technique. Get it right. Adjust it where necessary. Buy another device if necessary. Give it your best shot. You will be surprised when it works. When you feel good. When you feel healthy and in control of your life again.

More information on the inhale/exhale technique best used in vaping

Have they tested the 2nd hand smoke from vapour and is it safe?
Nicotine vapour from pharmaceutical grade nicotine liquid is much safer than being subjected to 2nd hand smoke which carries with it the same harm from physically smoking a cigarette.
Am I allowed to vape on a plane?
No. Airlines will not usually allow people to vape on the plane. You must check with each airline, airport and country for legal regulations., as you must also follow the rules set forth by each.
Am I allowed to vape in public?
This is subjective. Vaping has been found to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, yet many people sharing spaces in public are unaware of these statistics. You may legally vape with your prescription and this therefore deems your vaping in public to be legal. It is suggested however that you make a conscious effort to show tolerance and sensitivity to your surroundings.
Which gives off more vapour PG or VG?
VG based e-liquid

VG is known to generate more vapour and tends to linger more as a vapour cloud

How to pick a vapouriser?
We have put together some guidelines to help you with your decision. More information on how to pick a vapouriser specific to your needs
What vapourisers are more efficient in the delivery of nicotine?
It was found in studies that the efficiency of new-generation devices is far greater at nicotine delivery than that of the 1st-generation devices such as cig-a-like devices. Nicotine levels were noted at being 35-72% higher than those observed using first-generation devices. New-generation devices are those falling within the range of subtanks and MOD vapourisers.
Once I start vaping will my body go through side effects from smoking cessation?
You may experience some mild symptoms, dependent on what level nicotine you have chosen, alongside the device and its capabilities. We usually advise patients to keep their level of nicotine similar to the current smoking habit, at the onset of nicotine vapour therapy (NVT). The main objective is to quit smoking cigarettes, and you are more likely to do so with adequate nicotine absorption and vapour production. We have an interesting blog that explains the potential for cigarette withdrawal effects from the other components of cigarettes. Take a read to keep you abreast of this information.
When I vape with my new atomizer it has a weird burnt taste. Why?

1. Did you prime the atomizer before using it?

Most likely this is because of your atomizer. There are a few reasons you are receiving a burnt taste.

How to prime your new atomizer for vaping

2. Atomizer has been vaped dry

In order to fix this, all you need to do is add more nicotine e liquid to the atomiser. After adding more e liquid, you may also need to prime it for use. If adding more e liquid does not change the flavour effectively, you may have to clean your atomizer.

How to clean your atomizer

3. Your atomizer may be clogged or dirty

You must clean the atomizer by following these directions:

How to clean your atomizer

4. You may have vaped with your atomizer at too high a setting.

Make sure you are using the recommended settings for your atomizer. You may be able to fix the taste by adding more e liquid. If this does not fix the issue, clean your atomizer.

How to clean your atomizer

5. How long/often you have used the atomizer may also be a reason for the burnt taste.

If you have been vaping consistently at higher settings, you may have to change the atomizer. Atomizers typically last from 2-4 weeks. They have a shorter lifespan when used regularly at high temperatures.

How to fix a gurgly atomizer that leaks?

When atomizers leak out of the bottom or gurgle, its due to flooding. Flooding is when you have added too much e liquid to the atomizer.

How to fix a gurgly atomizer that leaks.
Remove the atomizer so that it is not connected to the battery. Next step is to blow out the atomizer. Once the atomizer is removed take the end with the thread and wrap it in a paper towel. Blow into the top of the atomizer. This will remove the excess e liquid. Wipe the threads dry. Last step is to clean the battery threaded connection. Do this before putting the atomizer back into place with the battery. Add 2-3 drops maximum once the atomizer is back in place and continue vaping.

Continued flooding or leaking may mean the atomiser needs to be cleaned. When an atomiser is clogged it cannot hold the e liquid as it should.

How do I clean the battery connection?
E liquid keeps leaking out of your device. You may have flooded your device with too much liquid. If this is potentially the case you should detatch the atomizer from the battery and make attempts to blow out the excess liquid. You may also need to clean the battery connection.

How to fix a gurgly atomizer that leaks.

Dependent on your device you may be having issues with the components of your device. Some advanced vapourisers have tiny rubber rings that work as a sealant when the components are all put together. If the ring has come out of place, leakage can occur.

How long do atomisers last?

An atomizer will last a month or more, depending if you maintain your components appropriately and follow manufacturer guidelines. Each device will be different so it is important to review all instruction booklets before you start vaping.

Maintenance Instructions

Cleaning: Be sure to clean your atomiser once a week as this will extend the life of the atomiser.

Use: Frequent use of the atomizer will put more stress on the heating coil, reducing its lifespan.

E-Liquids: The sweeter e liquids and those that are darker will typically clog the atomizer faster. Assure that you are cleaning your atomizers at least once a week for longer use of your atomiser.

How can you damage your e-liquid?
Heat can damage your nicotine e liquid as it encourages the ingredients to separate. This in turn makes the nicotine weak and the e liquid will begin to darken in colour.

Very cold temperatures thicken up the e liquid so that when applied to your device, they won’t wick up as efficiently. It is advised that you keep your nicotine e liquid out of direct sunlight. After you have used the liquid place it in a cool, dark place with the top placed back onto the bottle.

How to clean a flooded battery connection area?

Before cleaning the battery connection area, assure that the battery has been turned off or remove the battery. (Check your device instruction manual which will apply for you). It is important to remember not to flood your automatic batteries. Be very careful not to flood your automatic batteries. If you have flooded your battery you will need to clean it using the following directions.

  • Assure that your battery is dried off before you put it back in place or turn it on. Moisture will damage the battery.
  • Do not use water that is too hot to clean your heating elements as this can damage the heating element.
  • Always remove/disconnect the heating element from the battery prior to cleaning.