What are the Facts about Smoking Cigarettes?

The History of Cigarette Smoking:

The earliest record of tobacco use was in 600- 900 AD by the Mayan Indians of Mexico. Drawings and Carvings depict tobacco as an offering to the gods. The very first crop that was grown by settlers for money was in Jamestown, Virginia. Tobacco was a considerable cash crop and it has been since the early days.

The Cost of Smoking

The cost of smoking is more than what comes out of your wallet. The facts about the cost of smoking is reflected in the harm of its delivery, to the smoker and the non- smoker, the unborn child and the cost medically when disease and illness finally strike.

What is in a cigarette?

The facts about smoking comprise a tally of chemicals in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. Research is still underway to ascertain if there are more that are undiscovered. The likelihood is high if history serves us correctly.

There are 600 ingredients found in cigarettes

There are approx. 7,000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke

70 of these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic – CANCER CAUSING

Smoking Facts and Statistics

The use of tobacco is one of the largest public health threats in the world.  It is also the leading cause of preventable disease on a global scale with over 1 billion users globally. It is one of the world’s largest industries, worth over $400 billion globally.

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Smoking Cigarettes is directly associated with that of disease and death.

Two out of three smokers (1.8 million Australians), will die because of smoking cigarettes (2015)

What are the Smoking Diseases?

Lung cancer, COPD, Bronchitis, Heart disease, Stroke

There are far more smoking diseases that we can attribute to cigarettes. 

Smokers Lungs

Had to go there. Don’t flinch – this is a reality. The progression of a disease and the harm caused by smoking is so abundantly clear when you view a photo of an actual smokers lungs. Imagine how the rest of the body might be doing? That being said, let us review the function of our lungs and what we can do to help repair them once we choose to quit smoking.