The day I decided I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes

Quit Smoking, Smoking Cessation

Shamefully I will come clean with you. Right off the bat. The day I decided I wanted to quit smoking, was many years ago. Strange how much time has passed. I remember before I became a smoker I was so proud of never starting. “It never appealed to me”., I would say. Yet, it did all of a sudden one night whilst drinking. Though I started later than most people I knew who smoked, I had believed it would only be short term. 10+ years later,.. was I ever wrong.

I never thought I would be a smoker. I had always found it repulsive. In my household, my parents, aunties, uncles, all seemed to light up. It was a socially acceptable habit, indoors or outdoors. In public, on planes, in hospitals and on the job. I remember leaving a huge encyclopedia-sized image of a smoker’s lung on my parent’s bed, to remind them of the damage they were causing themselves. I felt bad for them as I guess instinctually I knew they weren’t about to quit. The image left for them no doubt was confronting and a buzz kill – though real in every sense.

Today we know that first, second, third and fourth hand smoke exists of which they all lead to health complications and premature death. Thus, making the decision to quit, and then taking the steps to commit is the best way to regain one’s health.

Lest not be a hypocrit. The flicker of the lighter and away we go again at 930am on a perfectly beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, fresh green grass sugar coating the air as the fury of combustion indulges its presence. “What kind of a menace would do such a thing?” I mutter to myself.

I ashed my 2nd for the day, what is this compulsion to be thinking of when I’ll have the next?

I told someone who cares deeply for me, that I had quit this time for sure. Well I had, and it lasted all of 3 days. At the time, I was just coming out of the flu. 2 weeks of hacking, sleepless nights, gasping and headaches. I swore i would never smoke again. I actually believed myself. What a crock. Just as soon as I started to feel better – the cravings and rationals came flooding into my head. Just finish the pack and then no more.. Yada yada – all it did was lead me back to the addiction, the misery, the guilt and shame.

So, it took me finally a month. In between buying a vaporiser, breaking the glass twice, drowning the atomiser, forgetting to charge the battery and not having any prescription e liquid. But, I finally quit. it was worth the effort, to get on board with my smoking cessation. I currently have 3 mods. I have backup coils for each, and backup glass for when my vape pen rolls off the counter and onto the floor. I have 4 different liquids all legally acquired with varying nicotine strengths. I have learnt how to satisfy my cravings through vaping and aim to lower the strengths according to a preplanned timeline I have devised.

My health is improving alongside my energy levels. Vaping has helped me with my smoking cessation. I have successfully quit smoking and continue to be free now 3 months. Yes the triggers will be there, but not experienced so bad since I have my vaping device on hand. Its worth the try. Its worth the persistence. Quit smoking – decision planning + action.