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The Cost of Smoking – Your Wallet or Your Life?

Are Australian’s paying the most for their cigarettes globally?

The cost of smoking in Australia is one of the highest in comparison to what is paid in other countries. As a result of an increased tobacco excise by the government, the average price one pays for a pack of cigarettes in Australia today is $20 -25. Globally, Australia ordinarily ranks towards the top when studies are done measuring cigarette prices. The World Tobacco Atlas did a study back in 2012, where Australia came in as the 2nd highest price paid for cigarettes in the world, just behind Norway who was the most expensive.

The tax on tobacco has taken a jump, rising to 13.7 %. This most recent increase is the second of four expected annually. The plan for 2016 is that each cigarette will cost roughly $1. This certainly will secure Australian rank as the leader in the cost of cigarettes. It is estimated by the Cancer council that $13 from every cigarette packet sold will now go to taxes.

At the end of the day, it means less money in your pocket,… and it has worked to deter many smokers from continuing – but there are still plenty of you out there who it hasn’t yet swayed.

Reality CHECK – The cost of smoking is steep.

Make it a point to equate your true cost of smoking over a lifetime. If you and your partner smoke that’s an additional cost to consider. Not to mention the ultimate cost paid in a reduction of lifespan and quality of life. 10 + years ultimately is a really high price to pay and is it really worth it? To die for cigarettes? It truly seems ridiculous but countless people take that risk daily and ultimately suffer the consequences.

Do the math:

Paying $20 per packet and consuming 1 packet a day =$140.00/wk

Paying $20 per packet and consuming 1 packet a day =$560.00/mth

  • Calculate this over 1 year =
  • Calculate this over 5 years =
  • Calculate this over 10 years =

The cost of smoking cigarettes is one of the main reasons Australians are quitting – not only is the addiction killing us off, but it is also a rather large leakage of funds.

By quitting smoking you may be able to get out from under those bills you complain about, or treat yourself to that new car you deserve. The cost of smoking cigarettes could ensure a better future for your children through education, health insurance, or an opportunity to take family holidays to meet distant relatives or to reconnect. The cost of smoking is too great and its time to make the shift to a life that isn’t ruled by self-sabotage.

More cost benefits to consider:

  • Less sick days
  • Less money spent on cough syrups and medications
  • Less money getting your teeth whitened
  • Less time wasting smoking and more time living and enjoying regained health
  • Less guilt and shame
  • Less judgment and blame
  • More fertility
  • More sensory appeal from smells and taste
  • More likely to live with health and vitality
  • More to learn from life
  • More to love about yourself
  • More to enjoy in other people