5 Reasons People Don’t Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking, Smoking Cessation

There are many reasons people haven’t yet made the decision to quit smoking. Some people may not even see quitting as an option. Regardless of the health risks involved, there are people so set in their ways, and fearful of the unknown, that they would rather die prematurely than experience the freedom of recovery. Here are 5 common reasons people don’t quit smoking.

  1. Convenience
  2. Fear
  3. Self Medicating
  4. Quit Methods
  5. Lack of Support


Cigarettes are easy to acquire and serve as a constant trigger due to their convenience.
When the triggers are ever present and the smoker wants their fix, a quick stop to the corner shop fulfils one’s toxic needs. The gruesome boxes, the projected warnings, the countless years of research linking disease and untimely death – they do nothing to sway – for the addiction is fully fledged and seeking to be satisfied. Sadly cigarette smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit and the easiest to acquire.


If you have been a smoker for a significant amount of time there is a lot of fear surrounding the potential to quit.

  • Fear that the withdrawal symptoms will deem you incapacitated.
    Imagining the ugly monster of addiction perched and ready to fight you for sustenance is enough to put quitting on the backburner.
  • Fear of significant weight gain from quitting smoking. There is a fear many people have had a personal relationship with, and that is the fear of weight gain when quitting. Though this does not happen for everyone, the average weight gain from quitting cigarettes is approximated at 5 kilos in the first year. Just the thought is enough for some aesthetically focused individuals to go back to smoking for weight control. Though this may offer some instant reward, the long term effects of continuing to smoke will eventually tarnish that attractive outer shell with signs of premature ageing, whilst under the skin the rue is 10 fold – much much worse. What you can’t see, often you forget – but the body has its ways of reminding you.
  • Fear of failure

Your friends and family roll their eyes at your announcement to quit smoking. Good luck. I’m proud of you. Maybe this time you’ll actually quit for good. If they are non smokers, militant recovering tobacco addicts, you will get advice, encouragement and, in turn, the faces and attitudes of those disappointed in your failure to quit. Provided you fail. Why am I so weak you ask? If others can quit, why not me? If you have resorted to sneaking cigarettes, spraying copious amounts of fragrance on you as you enter your homestead, its time to rethink your quit program.

Self Medicating

It may come as no surprise to those who suffer from executive functioning, that continuing to smoke may be in fact a therapeutic habit.

Often people with ADHD find the ingredients in a cigarette wake their brain into a productive state. Smoking is somewhat of a self-medicating vice for them, stimulating greater performance. But at what cost?

Perhaps you are old school. ADHD – pfft thats all nonsense. You might be surprised when you look into brain science. Ingredients in cigarettes are chemical compounds, and they have all been added to facilitate a host of different jobsthat’s, alongside make the user feel a certain way. Make no mistake, every smoker craves what the cigarette is offering by way of calm focus and a rush of dopamine.

So if you could get the same effect from something less damaging – wouldn’t it be wise to give it a try? No pressure – you only stand to lose your life if you don’t. Seriously though!

Quit Methods

There are several ways to stop smoking, and for most of us considering to vape, all avenues have been travelled with minimal success. This should not leave you disheartened. Vaping to quit smoking has been a viable and effective means for successfully quitting cigarettes on a global scale. The only issue is … the current legislation is still making it ridiculously hard to obtain vaping supplies containing a specific ingredient known to minimise withdrawal symptoms.

The only option one has is to either

  1. obtain vape juice containing prescription-only ingredients from overseas vendors where the quality and efficacy may be compromised.
  2. risk having this purchase seized by customs
  3. get a prescription only vape juice with the approval of an Australian registered doctor, prepared in a sterile ISO compounding lab and dispatched locally to your home.

The only other necessity is to find a good vaping device, you understand how to use, clean and upkeep that offers the optimal delivery of vapour for your needs.

Lack of Support

Your partner smokes. Your mum and dad smoke. Even your kid smokes. You decide you want to quit. Does anyone else support this mission? Support comes in many ways. An ear to listen to your difficulties and fears. Surely helps. But the kind of support a smoker needs to quit is the kind of support active smokers are not usually willing to provide. This consists of being sensitive to the struggles of quitting. Resisting the urge to light up when a friend is quitting. Resisting the urge to mock the process. Being with you without triggering failure.

We all make excuses, they don’t help protect us from the harm of smoking cigarettes. What protects us is quitting the habit and doing what is necessary to never smoke cigarettes again. Even a sneaky puff off a friends cigarette is enough to send your progress back astoundingly.
Don’t make any more reasons to continue smoking. Be Smart. Vape for Smoking Cessation